Our portfolio is determined by your requirements

We generate our portfolio from the requirements and needs of our customers. Naturally with regular updates to further strengthen and expand our innovative strength.
Excellent service and personal support in the individual divisions are a matter of course for us.


Circuit boards, chips, kits, modules, components, semiconductors, optoelectronics


Electrical installation, building systems engineering, energy supply, industrial & automation technology. Cables & wires, light technology, network engineering, IT, renewable energies

Electrical appliances

household appliances, computer technology, displays, security technology

Lighting Technology

indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, projects, illuminants, LED technology, garden lighting

Connection technology

Screws, nuts, edge protection, locking devices, blind rivet technology, threads, quick fasteners, locking elements

adhesive technology

adhesives, sealants, adhesive tapes, laminates, technical films